maandag 13 februari 2012

Valentine's Day!

Today is the day of love! The day of suprising each other and to love your boy or girlfriend more then you've ever did! I actually don't believe in Valentine's Day. I think it's all commercial and all about making money. But, in a way, it is kind of a beautiful day. When I was little I was so exited! Should I recieve a postcard from a secret anonymous lover? I remember, when I was 10 years old, my boyfriend from then gave me a little present. And after school, some boy came to me with a plastic bag full of selfmade presents from another boy who had a crush on me. Things like that you never forget. 

My boyfriend is against Valentine's Day, so I have no romantic plans for today. (Of course you secretly hope for a big suprise, hint, hint! Hihi..) No, I'm kidding, we do a lot of things together and don't need a Valentine's Day for that. But too suprise my boyfriend, I bought a little sweet card and a box of his favorite chocolates. In the card I've written I loved him, not matter what. Hihi, I hope he likes this little gesture. 

What are your plans today? Do you love Valentine's Day or think it's rubbish?

With love,


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Janne zei

Ah wat een leuk cadeautje! :)

Valentina zei

Wow! Really good idea!!!!;) happy Valentine's Day darling!
Thanks for youtube comment!!!!!
Now i follow you!follow me back!


Ellinor Forje zei

It's a sweet holiday. Thanks for asking and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

Anoniem zei

What a lovely post! Love your blog!
Following you :)

xx Han

Anoniem zei

Hang out with my friends :D
Happy V day !

Kisses from Portugal
Fi *

Mirte zei

Naar de stad met een vriendin en vanavond elkaar een valentijnscadeautje geven bij fotografiecursus.
Forever alone.

aliciafashionista zei

LOL so funny even when we say we don't want something or we don't need to celebrate...we totally always secretly hope they'll surprise us anyway! The good news is, you totally reminded me I need to go buy a Valentine's card for the man, and I hope you guys still have a wonderful evening together. Happy Valentine's Day :) x

Anoniem zei

I'm following you :D
Follow me back ?
Fi *

NaNa zei

aww how sweet! glad you had a good one <3 happy valentine hehe xoxo

Kay zei

lol, my boyfriend is against valentines day too =) Anyways, thanks for your comment on my blog and ofcourse we can follow eachtother. I am following you now, please follow back. Thanks!

Anamarija Rok zei

I like Valentine's day, but I also think you should thell people you love them all the time :)!

Maria zei

Great idea, lovely post :D

I think, we should love every day, but it is nice to have a special day just for that ;)

I really like your style and your blog!

Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)


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TheGirlAtFirstAvenue zei

That's a great idea!

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Lyosha zei

very nice post! like your thoughts

Inside and Outside Blog

Ana Carneiro zei

I had a wonderful Valentine's day this year! Me and my boyfriend didn't pay much attention to it the last two years (yes, we've been together for a long time) but this time I convinced him to make plans and it was great! You can read more about it in my blog =)

Amy Jessica zei

Awh how sweet, I don't really agree or disagree with valentines day, doesn't really bother me to be honest, lovely blog now following! Hope you follow back :-)
much love

Agata zei

Thank you for your comment in my blog :D Yes, we can follow each other ! Now i'm following you :) i wait you in my blog!!
Kiss kiss

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