About me

Meike, how to describe that blond, calm, sometimes crazy girl? I am a student Communication, with learning issues (I really can't learn at all) I love reading, writing, movies and music, just like everybody does. I live in a way too small house with my wonderful boyfriend and my six little friends. My doggies  Remy and Kemy and cats, Maxy, Jony, Bowy and Davy. Sometimes it is really crowded and a lot of hair, but very pleasant and much cuddling.

In my spare time I try to train for the 4 miles of Groningen (in my dreams, the New York marathon) and every Saturday I'll show my skills on the football field. I wish to be the next female Wesley Sneijder. I am always busy with my belly, buttom and curvy legs and do exactly as if I drink much much water and eat the world of fruit. Whereas the pizzaria and the cafeteria are standing right under my speeddial. I work in the horeaca, long standing, lots of drunk people, but so much fun!

I also love to walk with my dogfriends in the forest or the beach. Those are my real moments of relaxtion and I really think that I should do those things much more.

I started this blog for a lot of reasons. I'm a little scared about what you guys would think of my ideas and colums. But I'm trying, i'm doing my best, so be kind.. Please?

 Blogs about me and the important things in my life:
- Happy New Year!
-Wish me luck!
- New place?
- In Memoriam: My best buddy Remy
- Sunday inspiration
- Big support while studying

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