donderdag 9 februari 2012

Style inspiration: Blake Lively

Gossip Girl, it girl, Louboutins, Ryan, Leo, Penn, it's all Blake. I love her style, classy and feminine. Skirts and heels are her number one. A lot of my inspiration is coming from her. What do you think about her style.

With love,


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yiqin; zei

gotta love her <3

Julia Sh. zei

thanks for leaving the comment in my blog :)
following you back as well ;)

I adore Blake Lively!

Julie -


Great blog darling! I follow!


Linda from

Zorian zei

Love your blog. Great posts. I followed your blog on both GFC and Bloglovin. I hope that you like my blog and follow back on both.

Inggrid Monalita zei

great blog dear! Please visit and follow my blog if you feel interested.


RaspberryBlonde zei

Omg, I love her! she has a natural beauty and almost oozes effortlessly looking style!
She is an inspiration to me too!
thanks for your sweet comment and following me, you made my day!
I like your blog too so I'm following back!

sabrina maida zei

i love blake lively too she is really inspired :). btw you habvegreat blog. wanna follow each other?
follow me if tou love :)

Camilla zei

Great post, Blake Lively looks always so amazing!

I follow your blog now, would be sweet if you followed mine :)

Have a lovely weekend
X Camilla

Vale ♥ zei

I love her style so much, I am a gossip girl fan ! Blake is amazing.
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Camilla zei

Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following! I am following yours already;)

X Camilla

Anoniem zei

i loveeeeeeeee blake lively !
i am now following your great blog back



Sara zei

I love Blake and her style! Thanks for the comment and sure we can follow each other! Already followed you :)

Bisous, Sara

Tea zei

She is beautiful.

Follow each other? :)

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