donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Yellow sunshine

Hi sweeties!

Today I went shopping with my boyfriend and I succeded big time! Of course I will show you my shopping items soon, for now a little outfit inspiration with a yellow blouse. I bought one and I am so in love with it! With it I got brown ankle boots, just like these Christian Louboutins, only a lot cheaper! The it-bag can not be missed in this whole picture, I found it at This one is definitely on my wish list!

Blouse -
Pants - H&M
Ankle boots - Christian Louboutin
Rings - H&M

Do you like this oufit inspiration?

With love, 

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Inspiration: Running ladiess


Yesterday I started with a 10 km training. When I run, I run no more than 5 to 6 kilometers. And I want more! So I downloaded the app RunKeeper and I found this training. In a few weeks, I should be able to run 10 km. I have been running quite nice and my first workout went well, but I really need motivation and inspiration to go trough with it. I get this by reading the blogs of Annemerel and the girls from GirlsLove2Run, but these pictures would also help if I prefer my lazy ass on the couch instead of go for a run. 

What do you do to motivate yourself?!

With love, 



zondag 21 oktober 2012

Shopping: Trio Bracelets, blazer and partydress!

Hello sweeties!

I did some shopping this weekend. Friday my H&M packet came in with this beautiful dark green blazer, I was so happy with it! Something different than the normal beige or black color that I usually wear. Saturday morning I went into town with my girl Bo to look for a party outfit. My boss gave a party with the theme: Dress to impress. I think I did a good job with this dark-blue and black tight dress. Of not, I at least have had a nice evening! The trio bracelets, which fit amazing with my rose watch, also from the same webshop, you can find at, super nice and to combine with everything.

Do you like these shopping items and what did you all did this weekend?

With love, 


Blue and black dress - Fun in the fitting room

Sunday favorites: #2

Favorite serie
I am a few weeks ago with season 1 of 90210, the spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210. Two years ago I followed it for a while on TV, but that did not work and now I'm already at the end of season 3 ended. Desire already to season 4! I'm going to start soon, because the herftvakantie started, nice under a blanket and a cup of tea, delicious!

Favorite song
Hall Of Fame from The Script is number one on my iPhone at this moment. I'm listening the song in my car, at home, while traveling and it motivates me while running. Love this song!

Favorite evening activity
Wine, movies, dressing up and dancing with my girls. That's what I did a lot this week. I really enjoy spending time at home with my boyfriend and my animals, but a fun evening with my girls is something I like to do occasionally. Had so much fun! For next week I have already a few dates scheduled with friends, looking forward to that!

Favorite snack
During a movie, besides popcorn and chips I very much like a bag of marshmallows. Very soft and sweet with a vanille flavour, yum! Above a fire, I find them very tasty, but I just  prefer marsmallows straight from the bag. You can wake me for a marsmallow. Tip: When you wake up, with a sleep snout, before you have your breakfast and brush your teeth, you should just take a marshmallow. Really delicious!

                                    Favorite tv couple
I really love Liam and Annie in 90210. Like the way they interact with each other as friends and as a couple. Hassle, but still come back together. Now at the end of season 3 Liam is going away to find out what he wants to do in life and Annie goes to college, so I'm curious if they will find each other again. I hope so anyway! Don't tell anyone, lol ..

With love,


woensdag 17 oktober 2012

Outfit - Falling for fall

Hi girls!
Finally a step closer to a real outfit post! This was my look today, warm and ready for autumn. My new wedges with an old beige pants look very nice, I think. It was cold today, so I was glad I had my scarf, which I have for a long time now. Don't know where I got it, unfortunately, but I where it a lot!

What do you think?

With love, M

dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Inspiration: Fall 2012

Okay, I also know that fall is not the most wonderful season of the year. Rain and sun alternate, wind, cold, wintercoat or just warm summer coat? All annoyances while autumn can be so beautiful! To begin this rainy Tuesday properly I share this fall inspiration post with all of you. 

With love, 


zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Shop the look: Olivia Palermo

Doesn't Olivia looks great? Along with that handsome boyfriend of hers, they form a beautiful couple. She looks fashionable casual while shopping. I love it!

Shop the look
Furr bodywarmer - Esprit 
Black bodywarmer - Bench
Col sweater - S.Oliver
Jeans - H&M
Birkin Bag - ModeMusthaves
Ankle boots - Eden
Sunglasses - Christian Dior
Bracelet - Shopbop

With love, 


vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

I need a warm sweater!

Ieehl, how cold it suddenly is and what a nasty rainy weather! Except some vests that I bought last year, I don't have very much nice warm sweaters. And a musthave for this winter really is the sweater. These three jumpers are definitely on my wishlist. That one from Esprit is definitely my favorite and the Mint & Berry sweater is very beautiful!


Which do you like the most?

With love, 


donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Love her style: Kim Kardashian

Last week Kim Kardashian was out and about with her boy Kanye. I think she looks great! Beautiful blouse, sturdy leather skirt and a nice pair of heels to finish the look. We can not ignore her sunglasses, men, what a huge thing! The outfit really suits her and she looks really great, with her famous curvs, no diet neccesary, Kim, you look amazing!

With love,


woensdag 10 oktober 2012

My iPhone needs a make-over!

After half a year together with my beloved iPhone, he was already quite among the scratches. Last week I told you all about the great site and I finally ordered my very own colorswitch. Yesterday my Dannijo Blue Limited Edition sticker was in the mail and I am so happy! It is very simple, the instructions are included, but it's really just a matter of sticking it on to your phone. I get a lot of compliments from people and I'm a bit more in love with my amazing iPhone!

You should visit and pick your own colorswitch or iPhone case!

With love, 


dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

Inspiration: A home full of brocante

I'm a huge fan of the brocante style. I have a few items of furniture      in this style in the house, but I do like inspiration for great variety and new ideas. From magazines to browse and shops to visit I get much sense to my house again to throw and to dress with new stuff. These pictures I found very beautiful! Not directly to copy at home, but beautiful inspiration..

With love, 


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