zaterdag 4 februari 2012

All knit from Primark

To celebrate the end of my week of exams I went to Bremen with my friend Leontien. It was my third time at Waterfront, a huge shopping mall where you can spent your whole day shopping. First we took a coffee and chocolate muffin at Starbucks and then right away to Primark, my favorite low budget store! I was looking for some knitwear. Well, I did big time! My basket was full of knit in all sorts of colours, so I had to choose. And these are the items I brought home with me. 
I am also very happy with the black peep-toe pumps I bought. I was looking for them for a while, now it's a little bit to cold to wear them, but as soon as the sun is going to shine, these beauty's will be shining on my feet! Do you like these items?

With love,


6 opmerkingen:

Donna ly zei

Hele leuke dingen.. je bent goed geslaagd zeg! Ik slaag ook altijd bij Primark! :)

Nicee, met die heerlijke truien kom je de winter wel door ;)


tiny dancer zei

Loving those cute sweaters - especially the yellow one <3 Darling little blog you have here!


Suporna Roy zei

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Carmen zei

Hmmm, heerlijk om bij de Primark te shoppen hè! Ik pak altijd zo'n grote mand, en hij ligt helemaal vol als ik bij de kassa aankom. Leuke aankoopjes. :-)

Janne zei

Erg leuk! En bedankt voor je berichtje!
Ik ga je volgen.

-E. zei

Lovely colours and I especially love that yellow one.
You have a very nice blog. :)

Love, E.

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