donderdag 9 februari 2012

Outfit: Uggs and red knit

So, a second outfit post. Still no got photographer, I had to take pictures myself, but I'll hope you get the picture?! (Sorry for the dark quality.. And sorry for the non-fashion Uggs, hihi!)

Knit vest: Primark
T-shirt: Only
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Uggs
Necklace: Mi Moneda

Do you like this look?

With love,


5 opmerkingen:


Here is your photographer! Ready to shoot! Like your outfit!

Love, Suzanne

Janne zei

Leuke outfit! :)

Lena zei

thanks for your comment! following u)

Mariely Crowne zei

Hey M! Love that necklace! its la moneda? will have to look it up!

Sandra zei

i love the necklace xxx

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