woensdag 8 februari 2012

Finally, my very own iPhone!

 There is he is! Finally, I have waited for four weeks, but now I have him! Welcome world of smart phones! Hello Whatsapp. Hello nice apps. Goodbye Sony Ericsson! Hello iPhone! With this iPhone the world is so much brighter! Haha, no i'm kidding, but it makes things a lot easier. Taking a picture and post it Twitter and Facebook cost me a lot of time, but now with my new bestie it will be done in a few seconds! No expensive phone bills thanks to Whatsapp. Tonight I'm going to discover all the options and install the phone on my Macbook. 

Do you have some tips, nice apps, other options? Tell me!!

With love,


3 opmerkingen:

Leontien zei

Niceeee!! Finally;)

Janne zei

Ik ben jaloers! Veel plezier er mee. :)


Whatsapp uiteraard ;) & niet te vergeten: Blogger, erg handig om gelijk te bloggen vanaf je telefoon, Asos, Zara + H&M voor inspiratie, Lookbook en natuurlijk Bloglovin.

Succes met je Iphone moppie!

Love, Suzanne

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