maandag 5 november 2012

Shopping: Beauty by Lauren Conrad

After the last great book of Lauren Conrad, Style, there is now a successor, Beauty! Lauren gives her own tips on your grooming, make-up, hair, food and fitness. All her own beauty secrets and even failures are discussed in this book, supported with good photos. Fans of Lauren Conrad should definitely buy this book, but also all girls who likes to read about beauty, then this book should be in your bookshelf. Well, first in your bag, next to your bed or on your side table, of course! I ordered the book on, within 12 hours I could read my own Beautybook. You get him here.

With love,


7 opmerkingen:

Always Maylee zei

I love Lauren and all her style and beauty tips!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Katherine zei

I really need to get that book! I loved "Style" :)

caise zei

I need to read this book!

Janne zei

Deze wil ik zo graag!

Anoniem zei

Hi! I was very curious about this book, I have to check it out :)
You have a lovely blog :)
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Best regards,

Anoniem zei

Hi! Thank you for visiting, yes, we'd like to follow, I'm clicking right now and I wait for you :)

Best regards,

Tali M zei

wow looks like a very interesting book. She has gorgeous hair for sure!!

Thanks for your comment and follow sweety! I'm following you too now on gfc, twitter and instagram.
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