zaterdag 3 november 2012

Instadiary: October

October is already over, time flies. Soon it's time for Christmas and St. Nicholas, our Dutch holiday. Time of cold, sitting cozy by the fire and candle light. October was a busy month. I had a lot of birthdays and parties. Very nice, only I was sick half the month, which not really helps. I went to a football match with my little brother for the first time and had a few wonderful evenings at home. As you may have read, I started with a 10 km training, so I do a lot of morning runs, which turned in beautiful pictures. The highlight though was the shopping day I had with my boyfriend in Bremen. Together we've shopped the whole Primark empty, really a great day! Now on to November, a new period of school, birthdays of my grandpa and dad and a lot of other fun things!

What are your November plans?

With love, M

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