donderdag 15 november 2012

Love her style: Ashley Olsen

Ashley looks good, as always! Comfy, but stylish. She's wearing a grey top, black jeans and black espadrilles. The pink scarf and beautiful bag look amazing with the other 'basic' items of her outfit. I love it and would wear it myself! She is a huge inspiration for me.

With love, 


6 opmerkingen:

GagCloud zei

Great style ^^

blackberryfashion zei

Amazing bag :)

Sasha zei

Love her scarf and how she is wearing her flats proudly, even though she is not that high. :)

Btw, I have a small Giveaway on my page, so you can join in! ;)

Vermax zei

love. love. love. i like it :D she is the best :D

Vanessa zei

She's got great style doesn't she?

Hope you have a great weekend hun :-)

Vanessa x

Julye zei

She looks so cute !!

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