maandag 5 december 2011

New place?

Sorry for not posting much lately. I'm very busy, school, work, visits at the hospital (my mom, but everything is going to be allright!) And, maybe a new place! My boyfriend and I are living in a small house in de center of Leek now. Very amusing, but it becomes to small for all of my stuff, I'm a real collecter! Hihi, each time when you did some fine shopping, you must throw away half of the clothing in my closet, that's not nice! That's why we were really eager when the letter with that offer arrived. Lutjegast, of all places. The house is a lot larger but there are a view things that must be done. But according to me, with a little bit of paint, new laminating and some new furniture, we can make our own dream palace! I keep you posted! 

With love,


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