zondag 2 december 2012

Sunday Favorites #3 - December

Favorite December sport
If it has frozen and there is some ice, I'll definitely go ice-skating.
 Just an hour of skating makes me relaxed and calm, I love it!

Favorite December drink
With ice-skating comes a ritual: hot chocolate with whipped cream.
 I'm seriously addicted. I know it's bad for you, but I try to run a lot, 
so I feel less guilty..

Favorite Christmas tree
I think the Christmas tree of Times Square is one of the most beautiful trees of the world. It gives so much sphere, joy and all of those lights, so amazing! The city looks even more beautiful with this tree. Each year I look forward getting my own tree and decorate it. This week I will look for a nice one!

Favorite December party
I love Christmas. In the Dutch culture we celebrate Sint Nicolas, 
which I also liked when I was little. Christmas is still important. 
Cozy with family, good food and looking for an amazing Christmas outfit. Although I almost always work with Christmas, yes, working in a restaurant,  I always make time for my family at Christmas.

Favorite December moment
The 12 hour moment, New Years Eve, is a special moment to me. 
You close one year and with renewed courage and a list of good intentions you'll start a new year. 
I always take a moment to think about all the good memories of that year and secretly adjust my good resolution list, hihi..

Favorite December day
My favorite december day is the first day when you wake up and all you see is white. The first day of snow. Ideally, I take the day off and take a walk with my boyfriend and dog Kemy. Dress warm and enjoy the beautiful white world.

What are your good resolutions? And what are the plans for Christmas and New Years Eve?
I'm so curious!

With love, 


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