dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Photodiary: Running, studying and kittens

A small photodiary from the last two weeks. I'm running a lot since a few weeks, I try to go every other day. As you could have seen in some previous posts, the last weeks of school included a lot of typing and studying, but I'm finally finished! But I'm very curious about my grades, hope they'll be good. The kittens, born 9 June, are growing fast! Bottem left you can see the two of them, one all black and one multi-coloured, I'm very in love with the last one. So cute! And I enjoyed the few days the sun was shining of course! Biking with doggie Kemy, running and tanning! Unfortunately I haven't seen the sun in the last days, hope we'll soon have a few weeks of sun, I wanna go to the beach and do other fun stuff.. 

With love, 

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