zondag 21 oktober 2012

Sunday favorites: #2

Favorite serie
I am a few weeks ago with season 1 of 90210, the spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210. Two years ago I followed it for a while on TV, but that did not work and now I'm already at the end of season 3 ended. Desire already to season 4! I'm going to start soon, because the herftvakantie started, nice under a blanket and a cup of tea, delicious!

Favorite song
Hall Of Fame from The Script is number one on my iPhone at this moment. I'm listening the song in my car, at home, while traveling and it motivates me while running. Love this song!

Favorite evening activity
Wine, movies, dressing up and dancing with my girls. That's what I did a lot this week. I really enjoy spending time at home with my boyfriend and my animals, but a fun evening with my girls is something I like to do occasionally. Had so much fun! For next week I have already a few dates scheduled with friends, looking forward to that!

Favorite snack
During a movie, besides popcorn and chips I very much like a bag of marshmallows. Very soft and sweet with a vanille flavour, yum! Above a fire, I find them very tasty, but I just  prefer marsmallows straight from the bag. You can wake me for a marsmallow. Tip: When you wake up, with a sleep snout, before you have your breakfast and brush your teeth, you should just take a marshmallow. Really delicious!

                                    Favorite tv couple
I really love Liam and Annie in 90210. Like the way they interact with each other as friends and as a couple. Hassle, but still come back together. Now at the end of season 3 Liam is going away to find out what he wants to do in life and Annie goes to college, so I'm curious if they will find each other again. I hope so anyway! Don't tell anyone, lol ..

With love,


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