zondag 16 september 2012

Sunday favorites: #1

Yeah, I know, most people say Friday favorites, but I want to enjoy different and say: Sunday Favorites. Sunday, a day of rest and the last day of the weekend. So time to enjoy the things around you. Therefore, I will share with you my favorites weekly.

Favorite music
When I hear, 50 Ways To Say Goodbye, tuning from my car radio, he's going on maximum volume and   I almost forget driving. My car is going from left to right and I would prefer to jump immidiately, what a delicious song! While running, this also is one of my favorites, Train, keep up the good work, I like!

Favorite magazine
This week I read Talkies - Beauty special and I loved this magazine. I never read before and didn't know about this magazine. When I saw beauty Nikkie Plessen on the cover I had to buy this edition. Many different items are mentioned in the magazine and won't miss a thing, fashion, beauty, cooking, technology, travel and a lot more.

Favorite book
Yes, another Nicholas Sparks book, I love N.Sparks! After reading The Lucky One, this one is next. I'll have to start, but I'm very curious about the book.
A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that hounds her.

Favorite food
Last week I ate pasta several times. So basically a bit of a pasta week, hihi. My favorite was a recipe from a friend of mine. Penne with smoked chicken, broccoli, bacon and cream sauce. Delicious!

Favorite series
Unfortunately I saw the final episode of New Girl Season 1 this week and now I need to wait for the new season. I am so curious. What will happen with Smith and Cece and Jess her boys of course and will Nick finally do something with his life? New Girl makes me laugh, it's really hilarious so I can not wait for the new season.

With love, 


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Rhoda x zei

dankjewel voor je reactie op m'n blog !
en ik volg je terug :)
leuke blogg!

xoxo rho.

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