donderdag 20 september 2012

Love her style: Mommy Gisele

Gisele Bundchen looks good when she is walking with her child. The scarf id hiding her growing belly, because she is pregnant again! This is an outfit that I would wear anytime. Wild hair, good scarf, well fitting pants and flats. Good for a wonderful mommy day.

With love,


4 opmerkingen:

Lieke zei

Gisele is echt mooi! Danjewel trouwens voor je reactie, lijkt me leuk om elkaar te volgen. Ik volg jou nu ;) XXX

circleofchaos zei

Thanks,for your lovely comment,dear.^^
Yes,of course we can follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC.
Do you start with the follow???

Iga zei

She looks great as always!
Thanks for checking out my blog! Of course I'd like to follow each other! Following you now ;)

xo Iga

Lipsy zei

Such fantastic her style !
Following you,please follow back to keep in touch through comments!

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