maandag 14 mei 2012

Scentchips, Inside forest or summer feeling

I was shopping with my boyfriend the other day and we in a little present shop we spotted these chips. I thought it were little soap pieces, but the owner explained it were pieces with a special smell, like strawberry, rain, lavendel and a lot more! We already had the lighter, but we used oil for it. Now we've experienced this and we are addicted! All of my friends are getting this for there birthday and they all are very enthousiastic! If you find these delicious smelly chips you really should buy a little box to try, it's amazing!

With love, 


1 opmerking:

Christel zei

Ik ben ermee verwend voor moederdag!! Uit de buurt houden van snoeperds want het zijn net tumtummetjes....

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