maandag 4 juni 2012

Tweed jackets

I didn't now they were named Tweed jackets, but I loved these jackets from the first moment I saw them, especially the pastel coloured items. Zara also is crazy about these jackets, all these items are waiting for you in the Zara shops. My own budget is not so big these last months, unfortunately I work less, but I really hope to get one for the cooler summer days. A tweed jacket makes your basic outfit look like a special one, with a simple jeans, a basic top and a pair of beautiful heels, wearing my own Tweed jacket would me me a very happy girl!

With love,


3 opmerkingen:

Juliane Descerises zei

i love tweed jackets :)thanks for your sweet comment :) of course i'll follow you !

Ashley zei

eek! can i have them all? fabulous picks, dear!

Alexandra zei

i love all jakcets;) great blog, check out my blog;)
xoxo Alexandra

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