dinsdag 24 april 2012

Where is the summer?

Oh, it is raining all the time! This isn't funny anymore, I want to wear my peep-toe heels, tanktops, bikini and my little bit of tan is going away slowly, it needs some sun! I saw this picture in the magazine from H&M and I liked the outfit, it is very much like my own style. I put it in my shopping bag, but didn't buy the clothes immediately, when it stops raining and I can where the clothes, they will be available for sale, I think, hihi! 

Do you like the outfit?

With love,


8 opmerkingen:

Janne. zei

Wat een leuke outfit! x

Justyna zei

I like your blog :) Amazing. We can follow eatch otheR? :))

Nena zei

I also want summer :(


caise zei

great sweater

I miss summer as well

Buzz zei

Missing summer too.


Cris zei

Nice blog! I love the photos!!
visit mine!


b e a t r i c e zei

really interesting blog and nice pics;) follow me if you want, I'll do the same :)

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

great set, love it!have a nice weekend

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