woensdag 14 maart 2012

Instadiary! There I was again!


1. Oops, not good, but I love it! 2. Bah, finance re-order. 3. College: blogging and PES12 4. Home made munt tea with honey, mmm! 5. Tv night with my friend! 6. Boyfriend home after surgery 7. My old boots after a long night of work, (I throwed them away..) 8. My boy's suit and my dress for the cremation 9. Finally I relaxed evening at home 10. My car after a car wash! Blingbling! 11. My new Maccie 12. New bar in the kitchen (thanks!!) 13. Morning at home, breakfast!

Hello lovely bloggers! 
Sorry for not being around much, I have had a few disasters in the past weeks. My boyfriend was operated on his ankle and a few days later my father in law past away, so I didn't have a nice Spring Break, a lot had to be taken care off and there were a lot of emotional moments. Also my Macbook died, he wouldn't load anymore, so I had to look for a new one. My stepdad found one soon, luckily, so yesterday I received my new Maccie! Now normal life have started again, school, work and blogging!! 
In the last weeks I have remained taking pictures with Instagram, what a lovely app, by the way! Hope you like it?! 

Did you had a nice Spring Break?!

With love, 


3 opmerkingen:

Marta zei

Lovely photos!! The food look so yummi!! :D

caise zei

nice pictures

Janne zei

nice! x

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